Saturday, July 24, 2010

New rag quilt and pics of Sierpinski

So, I've got the whole rag quilt thing figured out!  I cut the fabric and make the little sandwiches, then I teach some bored person in my house how to sew the "x" through the centers, then I put it all together, and then Rebecca cuts all the little rags ;-) perfect!  Her OCD kicked in and she got the whole other quilt cut...I'll post a finished pic after it is washed.  I'm working on convincing her that the laudromat would be a fun place to catch up on her reading while she washes and dries the quilt!  But here is a pic of Buddy enjoying the quilt...You'll be surprised to see he is sleeping.
Here is the stack of pink sandwiches for the baby rag quilt...for the charity auction.  Today, when my daughter Alli returns, she is going to get promoted from sewing on the Featherweight to my Viking machine.  She is super much that she won't realize it is a ploy to get some free sewing labor out of her!
Next, I have a pic of the finished Sierpinski triangle quilt for my room at work!  I just stitched in the ditch with mono...not bad!

Off in the corner you can see my featherweight case....I stripped it to the bare wood and refinished it.  It is super next post will be about my featherweight!  Lots of pics for you vintage sewing machine addicts ;-)

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