Thursday, July 15, 2010

List of things to do...

OK, so I usually just hand write this on a piece of paper and keep in in my sewing area to mock me during the summer.  But now I thought I'd just post it here so that I would sort of make a committment to finish these things by September.

  • Finish the charity rag quilt and actually cut the edges--ewww, ick!
  • Make a smallish lap quilt out of the layer cake from Urban Chik "Dream On"...sort of stack, cut, shuffle

  • Put together all the blocks from my shirtings/fall leaf quilt. 
  • Piece the Buggy Barn quilt for behind the dining room table.
  • Piece Rebecca's name quilt for her office and finish her Syracuse frog

  • Bind Ryan's quilt for his bed--queen size
  • Do something with a bunch of "Happy" charm squares I bought
  • Make the baby quilt from Yoyo Mama for the chartiy auction

  • Make a few booty bags--one for my sister and one for Allison
  • Maybe cut out the cool shirtings for the Halloween quilt??
Maybe that is it?  If I can get that done this summer I'll be ahead of the game....

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