Sunday, July 18, 2010

Loyalty Card Holder

Look at the cute little Loyalty Card Holder that I made using the tutorial found here.  It is made with cute for my punchcards for the local quilt shops!!  It took about an hour...

What I need to do is put myself on an allowance...Every month I put $XX (or $XXX) in the little holder and when I run out--well, no more fabric that month! hell I will ;-)  LOL...

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  1. Hi! Thanks for checking out my blog and leaving the nice comment. I appreciate it.

    Just looked around your blog and love the projects you have made! I especially love Ryan's quilt in the shirting fabrics. I am starting to try and use thrifted clothes to create quilts that are a little more "guy" friendly and I love the look.

    I noticed that you worked in youth detention. As a high school teacher, I sometimes felt like I was doing the same! I'm homeschooling this year because Aspie son wasn't being taught and was 8 years behind in math, so budget be darned, here we go!


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