Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More rag quilt progress

OK...all the squares are sewn and it is laying on the floor--ready for pinning.  Gwen, notice the numbered tags on the left side of the rows.  I've numbered from 1 to 14 starting in the top left corner.  Then I'll pin the rows.  The tags will help me know which row goes where when I am sewing the rows together.

Also, you might be wondering..."Where is Buddy?"  Well, here he is, sleeping under a he does all day, every day!  LOL...I'm off to pin and watch an afternoon movie ;-)  I LOVE the summer!!!
Buddy and Ryan needed some attention...I guess laying on the quilt works!  Though Buddy always tries to lay on the fabric I'm cutting or the quilt I'm binding.  He seems to know that actions like that will quickly get my attention!  Duh...;-)

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