Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ryan's quilt and the "Dream On" blocks

I know I didn't post yesterday, but I've been super busy!  Let me show you Ryan's room and his new quilt that I finished binding a few hours ago (it is pieced from recycled shirts ala Bonnie Hunter).  It has been double washed and dried.  Ryan's room is a "camping" theme...compete with a moose head on the wall (a resin one...from a catalog a few years ago).  Check it out!

Rebecca is busy snipping the rag quilt and drowning in threads!
Smiling on the outside...hatin' on the inside!  LOL...

As I promised, I did some stackin' and whackin' and shufflin' on my "Dream On" layer cake!  I now have 42 blocks complete...but due to my wacky whackin, they aren't square.  Well, that just adds a bit more of a challenge for the next step!!  Stay tuned, dear readers, 'cause this is gonna rock!!

I stacked about 8 squares at a time before cutting....

Picture some white in between the blocks (ala amandajean at CrazyMom Quilts--a super blog!!).  Totally cool, huh?  Gwen, you might like this for your next project!  Easy, peasy!  OK, this was supposed to be a charity quilt, but I lovin' on it so much that I might have to buy the damn thing back at the auction!  I better start saving to get back all of my goods ;-) 

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  1. Super cool. You must be crazy if you think I could figure that one out. I'm STILL not done with the rag quilt. I love the fabric and the cool design of your quilt. I would need a serious tutorial over a bottle of wine to even attempt.



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