Thursday, July 29, 2010

Making progress....rag quilts

So, after Alli sewed all the sandwiches, I pieced it together and Rebecca is now doing the clipping.  Check it out...and there are detailed pics for Gwen (my sister who is learning to make a rag quilt...she isn't a sewer!)...

Gwen, notice how I sewed a 1/2" from the ouside edge of the will clip that outside edge as well.  CAUTION:  DO NOT CLIP INTO THE SEWN SEAM OR YOUR WHOLE QUILT WILL BECOME A BIG FAT MESS IN THE WASH AND DRY STAGE!!!

Anyhow, since Alli was having so much fun, I also used up some FQ we had around the house (and made a trip to the Quiltique) to buy some stuff to make a boy's version...

This should keep her busy....My new Juki arrived yesterday.  I did a little practice on it and it is pretty smooth....hopefully I'll be able to make some little baby quilts/lap quilts and stipple them at home.  Who I plan on finishing the assembly of my fall leaf quilt and adding the borders to another quilt so they are ready for quilting.  But they are also delivering the couch today so that could interrupt my sewing.  I'm tired of sitting on the floor in the living room...essentially I discovered that I'm addicted to the DVR.  Pathetic.  On the quilting front, though, tomorrow is 30/30 day at The Christmas Goose and 50% all clothing at the Goodwill.  Hmmm.....I better get some serious stuff done today or else!!

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