Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lost Quilt is found....

So, look what I found....or rather, look what I got back!  This is an interesting story.  Recall that my ex couldn't locate the quilt two months ago (it was at their house for the last five years).  I'll tell you the responses I got when I asked for it parentheses I'll interpret what was really meant
1.  "I don't know what quilt you are talking about" (Oh crap, what the hell is she talking about?  Did I lose it?  Maybe I can convince her that she is wrong/crazy...or I'll just lie right to her face...again!)
2.  "I gave some 4th of July stuff to Marie, maybe it was in with that stuff" (If it was red/white and blue maybe I gave it away??  Even thought I live for the 4th of July??  Oh, I gave away another red/white/blue quilt you made for me 10 years ago....maybe Ryan's was with it)
3.  "I asked Marie and she said she didn't have it" (We laughed about your crazy request and were both too lazy to expend more than 30 seconds of thought entertaining the idea that one of us had Ryan's quilt)
So, being myself, I was looking in Snapfish for some old photos of my kids (unfortunately, not MY Snapfish when I happened to see the quilt in the background of another picture...a picture of my ex's new nephew...sitting on the quilt!  What the &%@#*??

There were several pics in the series and I could discern that one of the kids was Marie's...yes, it was the back of the quilt, but it was Ryan's quilt nonetheless.  And you must know that when I first heard that Marie might have the quilt, I sent PICTURES of it to her....and still she claimed she didn't have it.  So now, armed with evidence, I e-mailed it to her and demanded the quilt.  She claimed "Oh, it was mixed in with the 4th of July stuff...I forgot about it".  Really, Marie, you are a liar.  The quilt that you sent back has seen more wear and tear in the last 5 years than any quilt I've ever owned/made.  The double fold binding is wearing thin and has holes in it.   Marie LeJeune from were too lazy to look for it when I asked, and while in your possession, you treated it poorly. 
But it is back, and I'll save it for Ryan....I just had to vent about this!


  1. Sorry you had to deal with the ex, but so happy the quilt is back!!!

  2. I am new to your blog and on my way getting to know you , going backwards reading your blog through the years. Keep in mind I very seldom comment on the many blogs I stumble across but after I read about your Ex and the missing quilt I had to let you know how refreshing it was to see the real human side of a blogger. Don't get me wrong there are some wonderful/polite blog writers but I am a tell it like it kinda gal and love reading yours. Thanks for sharing.
    las vegas


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