Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The rag quilt is "in progress"

I haven't done a rag quilt in about 10 years...mainly because God invented the longarmer--why rag?  I truly hated all the clipping.  But now I'm working on a quilt for charity and maybe ragging isn't such a bad idea?  I don't know--ask me after I've cut all the seams!  LOL...anyhow, here are my little 1930 repro sandwiches ready to be sewn!

I bought most of the 6" squares from an Ebay auction and cut from my stash for the rest.  I am putting white flannel between the layers, cut 6" as well.  But here is the best part....while I'm posting, look who is sewing?!  Yes, that is Rebecca (speed demon sewing...slooooowwww down girl!) working on the sandwiches.  Oh no, a mess up....anyhow, more tomorrow!!

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